Gold Flute Pad Reviews

“I’ve had the flute back from Brannen for a week. They did a great job with the installation. The pads are fantastic. What more can I say? The flute is more colorful and even, the pads feel great, and when I wish to play with no mechanism sound they really silent and when I wish to do key percussion, they made a very classy, loud and clear sound.” Robert Dick.

“The gold pads have transformed and turbocharged the entire instrument…and in the most astonishing and excellent way imaginable!…The pads are sort of ‘life-altering’ for me as a player, and I am entirely happy with them!” Bill McBirnie

“It is my pleasure to tell you that your Gold pad is like a dream. One word comes to mind when I try to describe what they sound like in my Tom Green flute, and that word is – burnished. The tone is resonant and rich and has a finer finish to the sound than I’ve noticed with any other pad.” Dave Johnston (orchestral player in Manila).

“I got my flute back last week, now sporting JS gold pads… The response in the instrument feels somehow more instant and positive. Transitions over larger intervals are extremely smooth, almost effortless. Usually I can feel the instrument vibrating through my right thumb but now it seems to be resonating more. I can feel vibrations through all points of contact including the keys. Even the G# key! … the response is so instantaneous I find that my finger technique is more delicate and light.” Dean Stallard (Pro flutist & teacher in Olso Norway).

“I am so amazed at the difference in my tone, and how easy it is to pop out those low register notes. I have received wonderful compliments on my tone by my colleagues since I’ve had the gold pads installed. Thank you for your great invention!” Zoe Shepherd

“I love your new pads. They don’t wrinkle. They do seal, “no doubt about it”! and somehow, they sound even better. Congrats!” John Lagerquist

“The results far exceeded my expectations (which were irrationally high to begin with). The flute now actually vibrates whilst playing in the lower register! I can’t say enough about the pads. Many, many thanks!” Jeff Menz

“I finally got a chance to install the gold pads that I ordered from you a few weeks ago. I think they are just wonderful, on all accounts. The resonance is wonderful, projection, response, the tone quality is enhanced throughout the entire range. I just finished up shimming and adjusting and I can’t put my flute down because it sounds so much better. It also feels great, I feel like I don’t have to force for a deep sound and I can use such a light touch because the pads cover so well and are so responsive. Wow, congratulations on this fine acheivement!!! (Plus I really love the bushings, they are so easy to use and the pads in general are so great to install because they don’t wrinkle!!)” Jessica Johnson

“The fabulous Schmidt pads. I have them on two of my flutes and have been very pleased with them.” Francesca Arnone

“I have just had my flute repadded with JS gold pads, and it’s amazing. .. it seems to me that it’s now playing WAY better than ever before.” Jane Weber

“These pads have been stabile and sealing perfectly though an immense amount of playing, under the most extreme conditions (from central Maine in January to southern Florida to Phoenix to the West Coast) in contexts from jazz orchestra to solo recitals. Phenomenal! Thanks, and keep up the great work.” Peter H Bloom

“The week after I replaced the pads I noticed people were staring at me after I tuned the flute at practice. They wanted to know what I had done to make the tone so clear. These people didn’t know that I had changed anything. Your pads work noticeably well. Thank you very much.” Patricia L

“I Just changed your pads in my client’s old flute and she called to say that the sound is exellent and grandiose, everything works perfect.” Pekka

“I have found these pads excellent with regards to durability, stability (no changes in shape in very humid and moist climate) and especially with regards to response. The response in particularly faster passages is a lot more direct and “immediate”, resulting in greater clarity.” Theo

“I have overhauled 3 professional flutes with your pads, that I ordered. It has been very interesting to hear the responce! It has been great to see players positive auditory experience with your pads!” Juha Johansson

“I’m rather pleased… I really think that my Hanyes plays better than when it was brand new because
of the nature of your pads.” Tom Miller

“I just got my flute re-padded with all black gold pads. They are amazing! Not
only I can feel the difference, but everyone else can hear it.” Ingvi Kallen

“Amazing consistency in the dimensions of these pads… very minimal partial shims – with very
minimal, if any, adjustments needed. Easiest repad ever. BRAVO!” Eugenio

“Jim, just want to say that i have been using your pads for about 10 years on my old Haynes and it makes a huge difference – greater volume difference, easier high notes, low notes pop out easier as well.” Jon

“I just wanted to say that I’ve had your gold flute pads in my Powell 9k auramite for at least 5 years now (I actually forget how long now!) and they are absolutely fantastic! … I tell every flutist they’re crazy to use anything but these pads, and they all look at me like I have 12 heads. Tradition’s hard to break out of, but I’m glad I did. Thanks so much for the great product! ” Nicole

“Amazing pads” Cao Yunpeng


“Jim, good morning. Here is a little feedback:
Your pads are AMAZING! I could follow the instructions on the video
and indeed i had to shorten the pins but that was easy. In fact
the job was the easiest pad installation ever and certainly it took the least time,
moreover I have never had a flute with a better adjusted footjoint than i have now
so all my low notes incl. C sound super strong.” Ago Pisztora

“I have had my flute together for a few weeks with the self leveling pads and I have to say the results are better than I expected, it plays great, best it’s ever played.”  John B