Sax Pad Tools


Photo of sax pilots
Sax Pilots

These are the smoothest, fastest cutting files you can buy. Nothing compares to diamonds. The rotary tone hole file set comes with 6 machined discs/pilots ranging from 12mm to 50mm in diameter (suitable for Alto’s & Tenors). The discs can be used to check the flatness of a tone hole by placing a disc (bare metal side down) over a tonehole and using a leak light. To file down high spots of a tone hole, the file is placed on the tonehole and turned with a wrench while applying pressure. The image above left shows an assembled tone hole file and smaller disc for locating in the tonehole. The ball end allen wrench driver prevents tilting of the file on the tonehole. Go to my prices/ordering page to order replacement diamond skins. Works great for repair shops and other high volume work (see tonehole file video).

Special 1-3/4″ low C file and 2-1/2″ Baritone files are available. New diamond skins are available for every size. Seven inbetween size plastic pilots are extra (image above right).


A 12″ long ball end driver is available for use with a low speed power drill (image below).


Photo of rotary chamfer files for saxes
Rotary Chamfer Files for Saxes
Photo of rotary chamfer files
Rotary Chamfer File


After the toneholes are flat you will need to smooth off the rough edges on the corners so the pad skin doesn’t get cut. The easiest way to do this is with an abrasive rubber bit as shown below (available from jewelry supplies). A protective template can be used prevent damage to a polished body. You can use a Dremel or similar hand tool (see chamfer file video).