Gold Sax Pad Reviews

“I love the new Jim Schmidt pads. I’ve never played a Selmer Series II with this much guts, Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can be sure that I’ll recommend you to all saxophone playing friends.” Mike Van Arsdale U.S. Air Force Band.

“I just got my sax back. I knew that I would have a considerable amount of sound, but never did I imagine I would get this much! I have never played a sax like this, nor have I heard of one. I can play down to pppp or way up to ffff. I just can’t say enough, never have I had a 950 dollar sax play like a million bucks.” Keith Hartley

“I am absolutely knocked out with the sound and response that I am now enjoying, thanks to your remarkable pads. My Mk6 tenor has never played too well around low B and Bb since I bought it over 30 years ago – it certainly does now, with subtones and the full spectrum of dynamic expression available as never before. I have to say that the action feels more precise and clean, a benefit that I was not expecting. The leveling of the tone holes with your diamond abrader and the careful adjustment of the pads has left the instrument leak-free, with a crisp and punchy sound that I just love.” Robin King

“I can honestly say I am absolutely thrilled with the way my horn turned out, response, feel, playability and the quietness of the pads are absolutely remarkable. I have owned this particular alto for over twenty years and I can say it has never felt or played this well.” Jim Nesbit

“Jim, these pads are fantastic! The feel of the keys and clear effortless tone is better than any pad I’ve ever used. Very easy to install.” Thanks, Steve

“Just thought I would drop you a note regarding the King Super 20 tenor I recently did with the black gold pads.  It turned out just great!  I love the pads and loved working with them.” Jeff Dening

“I think these pads will offer a great alternative to players that want oversized resonators and such. Already I can tell they are giving me a distinctive, bold, thick, phatass tone core…which is exactly what I was after….but they are also offering some texture/timbres that are very colorful, plus more tonal palettes and room for some expansive expression that I didn’t feel was there before changing the pads out.” Mark Rybiski

“Put your pads in my Mark VI tenor around 1999 or 2000. They are still going strong. I’ve had slight adjustments made over the years here and there, but never any problems due to the pads. I’ve consistently had comments about how “light” the action is. I don’t notice anymore, it always felt great to me… everything sounds great and seals well after 17 or so years. Thanks, Lincoln Apeland

…”One of my saxes stands out from the rest. It happens to be a newer silver Yani – but it has Jim’s Gold pads. (also have another same sax with leather pads). This sax is a DOUBLE joy to play. I tried hard to tell myself that it was my imagination, but IMHO, it’s real.” Don G

“The horn turned out fantastic.  Customer picked it up today and called me with a stellar review,” Zachary.